Meet Our Staff

Julia Doddie

Miss Julia is a wife, mother of four, and graduate of Eastern Michigan University.  She is so happy to be on this journey with these amazingly talented women who also just happen to be some of her best friends.  Julia can often be found watching Christmas movies. They are her favorite !
Janine Goethe-Brown

Miss Janine is a Mom of 6 beautiful children. She is a dedicated wife and mother. She has been involved in theatre for several years and loves working with her theatre family. Becoming a partner has been a dream come true. She loves music concerts and reading a good book...  Just not at the same time.

Karen Sage
Marketing Director
Ms. Karen is a wife and mother of 4 very active children.  She is excited to be a part of the AOP team.  You can often hear Ms. Karen cheering on her kiddos at wrestling meets, football, cheerleading, baseball, softball and when then grace the stage at AOP.  You will also find her chasing spiderman around the theatre, AKA Bronx. 
Mary Jo Hunt
Resident Producer
Ms. Mary Jo has been a familiar face at AOP.  She produces each and every show put on. In her spare time she is a wife and mother of 2 very talented girls.  When not at AOP, Mary Jo can be found getting her groove on at an NKOTB concert.
Thomas Mattison Jr.
Production Assistant
Mr. Tom  holds a film diploma from Specs Howard School of Media Arts.  He writes and performs improv events and teaches improv workshops. Most recently,  He was last seen on stage in Junie B Jones, Batman Smells (Jose and Mr. Toot) and in Rehearsal for Murder (Alex Dennison). He would also like to thank his family for their support in all of his theater endeavors and a special thank you to Julia and Janine for bringing him on the staff. He dedicates all his projects to his two daughters, Emma and Laci, and God!