Auditioning Resources

One of the most common questions that we hear is "what is the casting committee looking for?"  While it varies from show to show and character to character (be sure to attend Audition Workshop and/or ask the director specific questions about the role(s) you're interested in), there are certain things that a casting committee is always looking for.

The casting committee always looks for:

  • Team Players -- performers who listen, are respectful, and support their fellow performers

  • Poise & Personality -- confident, relaxed and energetic performers

  • Good Diction & Projection -- speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly enough to pronounce all the sounds in each word

  • Understanding -- performers who “get” what they’re reading

  • Expression --  a performer must share his/her feelings and emotions with the audience while reading, dancing or singing

  • Vulnerability -- allowing your sensitive side to show

  • Whole-hearted Acting -- using everything you've got - face, voice, and body

  • Coachability -- being able to make changes (slight or significant) when asked by the director

  • Dedication -- Performers who can really commit to the show; minimal conflicts


Auditioning can be a scary thing, even for a very seasoned performer. 

We want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable at our auditions.  The “family” here is very welcoming and supportive.  The best way to be comfortable and to fight those pesky nerves is to prepare, prepare, prepare!  Start early and be confident in your audition.

Remember that casting is out of your hands.  While that can be scary, try to think of it as freeing!  The best thing that you can do is your very best.  Enjoy the process, push a little farther outside of your comfort zone every time, and take pride in the fact that you are challenging yourself.  You get to leave after auditions and let someone else do the hard part of placing cast members into roles!

Most of AOP’s shows for children are set up so that every student who auditions is guaranteed a part.  In these instances, know that your casting committee will put you into a role that will allow you time to shine! 

When you allow the experience to be about building something from the ground up with a like-minded group of people, and not about being the “star” of the show, you’re much more likely to build strong friendships and have a tremendous experience overall. 

Looking for more Auditioning Resources?  Check out the files below: