Me, The Director

Directing Acting Out Production’s “Disney’s Cinderella Kids” was an outstanding journey, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

From start to finish, I was challenged with things as big as how to put a carriage onstage, to things as small as what shade of green the bushes should be – and I wouldn’t take back a second of it. I loved bringing the set, the characters, and the show to life. Watching all of these things come together in the end is one of the best feelings you can experience.

The best part about directing this show, though, was the cast. Seeing the cast grow as actors and performers, build friendships, and have so much fun while they did these things filled me with so much joy. Not only did the actors grow, but so did I; I’m now a lot better at getting up and talking in front of a whole auditorium full of people (performing for a full house is one thing, just talking as yourself is another).

For teens who may be skeptical to apply for AOP’s upcoming teen directed “Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Kids”: to you I would say, "go for it!" Give the production and the kids your everything, and they'll give it right back to you! Being a part of something like this is one thing you will never regret.


Teens can apply for a leadership role on our SEASON page. Applications are due October 31, 2016.

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