"Just Ensemble": Like Nails On A Chalkboard To A Director

Being cast into an ensemble role is an awesome opportunity. Nothing brings a show down like a disengaged ensemble. It doesn’t matter how good the leads are… If an ensemble member believes him/herself to be expendable, not important, or (my least favorite term) “just ensemble”, it will show on stage and the show will suffer.

As an ensemble member you should focus on the following:

  • Build your character – give him/her a name and backstory. Become your character!

  • React to what is happening around you – every time you’re on stage!

  • When it’s appropriate, use the set and props around you, and silently interact with characters around you. Use your facial expressions and body language!

  • If you’re struggling to find purpose on stage, don’t be afraid to ask your director, “What should my character be doing right now?”

At Acting Out Productions, an ensemble role is just as important as a lead role. Of course it’s okay to be disappointed if you’re not cast in the role that you were hoping for, and there are acceptable ways to express that disappointment. We do not tolerate lashing out at AOP staff or students, using social media to vent, or the term “just ensemble”.

Most of our shows are different from other theatre programs in that students decide to be involved in the show before they audition. This means that they’re choosing the experience of building something amazing, regardless of the role that they are given in the process. The product is a direct result of the process, and at AOP, it’s all about the process!

Get ready to be a part of something spectacular, and check out our upcoming audition opportunities here!

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