Trick Or Treating For Good

Our theatre family came together on Halloween to do some good. A group of AOP kids and teens gathered together in costume and hit the streets in Allen Park to collect candy. Instead of sitting in a circle and trading favorites like many do on Halloween, this generous group each dumped their wares into a large tote that will be sent overseas to our hardworking US troops.

During their trick-or-treating process, the group let each household know about their efforts, and received wonderful feedback at each stop! They left behind a postcard-sized flyer detailing their efforts.

We are so proud of these generous trick-or-treaters! We also want to thank the many families who were unable to participate on Halloween, but donated candy to the cause! We love to see theatre family come together to do good things!

We're not done working for our troops and veterans... Stay tuned, because we have big things planned this holiday season!

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